Our Story

2014 to Present: Dedication to Naturally Grown Produce

Since 2014, Richmond GAIA Farm has been open to the community, dedicating to naturally grown produce, free of harmful sprays and pesticides. Over the past 7 years, our regular customers have come to know and love our fresh vegetables, herbs, eggs, and strawberries. A short, rural drive from downtown Richmond, the modest farm stand displays our daily harvest of fresh produce, grown from carefully irrigated fields just beyond the stand. 

Graham has been our lead farmer for the past 6 years, and we appreciate everything he's done here, literally flourishing through heavy storms and rebuilding structures to continue growing 20+ different beautiful and delicious produce. Our farm is grounded in sustainable agriculture principle focused on ethical and sustainable growing systems.  

Let's Take a Look at the Farm Together (In Photos):

PHOTO ABOVE: Fields of vegetables and herbs waiting to be harvested


PHOTO ABOVE: Fresh tomatoes still on the vine, not ready for harvesting


PHOTO ABOVE: The current farm began as bare land and weeds in 2009, which was plowed and sowed to prepare for the hand-grown crops and greenhouse tents. Led by our previous farmer with extensive permaculture experience, we brought in cows, goats, and sheep to graze in the fields which aided the process of soil aeration and weed removal. 


PHOTOS ABOVE AND BELOW: In our early days at Richmond GAIA Farm, we kept goats but later found them a new home at the Alice Sanctuary in Ardrie, Alberta. We're so happy to see them enjoy their time getting to know other sheep and goats.

PHOTO BELOW: In 2014, our team started building the first wooden chicken coop, followed by another one in 2017. 

These free-range chickens have provided us with countless batches of fresh eggs. Our customers mention that the eggs are delicious and the yolk is vibrant.



Over the years, our farm has expanded to include a rotation of over 20 different types of vegetables and herbs in addition to eggs and strawberries. We are very excited to invite you to our farm to check out our daily harvest, open weekdays from 10am to 3pm. Joining our email list will provide you with a weekly flyer and order form with the freshest selection available. We are proud to serve only our own naturally grown, pesticide-free, no-spray produce so that you and your loved ones can enjoy fresh and delicious nutritious fruits and vegetables every time.



richmond gaia farm stand


Richmond GAIA Farm Hoophouse

Red OnionsStrawberries at Richmond GAIA Farm