Use ST25 Rice For Your Next Meal!

What is ST25 rice?

ST25 rice is a fragrant, premium quality, long-grain Jasmine white rice. It won awards in the most delicious rice category during the World’s Best Rice tasting contests at the Rice Trader's World Rice Conferences in 2019 (1st Place) and 2020 (2nd Place)

The "ST" in name ST25 is denoted from the location Soc Trang, a province in Vietnam, where this variety of rice was researched and produced. ST25 is the result from more than 20 years of research and crossbreeding rice seeds.

Why choose ST25 rice?

The nutritional value of this soft-textured rice is considered to be higher than that of the conventional Jasmine rice. It uses less water for cooking (approximately 20% less), and the fragrant, flexible, and sweet-tasting rice grains compliment many traditional Asian dishes. When ready to serve, ST25 rice delivers a soft, and sweet taste with a slight scent of pineapples.  

Buy ST25 rice today!

Our ST25 rice is available in 2 and 5 kg bags. Buy individual bags, or buy in bulk with a discount. Visit Richmond GAIA Farm during business hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, to pick up a bag or 2. For more information about bulk orders, contact us at or at 604.284.0118.

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2kg Bag   5kg Bag
$10/Bag   $22/Bag

1 Box/10 Bags or more (5%)   1 Box/4 Bags or more (5%)
$9.50/Bag   $20.90/Bag
10 Boxes/100 Bags or more (10%)   10 Boxes/40 Bags or more (10%)
$9.00/Bag   $19.80/Bag
25 Boxes/250 Bags or more (15%)   25 Boxes/100 Bags or more (15%)
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