Richmond GAIA Farm

Eggs (Mixed Sizes) (per Dozen)

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***limited supply, 2 dozen per customer per visit. Thank you!***


Mixed (Medium, Large and Jumbo) without carton: $7.00/dozen

Mixed (Medium, Large and Jumbo) with carton: $7.50/dozen


Pullet* without carton: $8.50/dozen

Pullet* with carton: $9/dozen


First Eggs Laid at 18 Months Old: 

Our limited quantity pullet eggs are "the first eggs laid" by [our free range chickens] "at 18 months old." - The Guardian

Increased Flavour and Richness:

"By now, you’re probably hip to pasture-raised eggs for their superior taste and quality. Their yolks are a rich yellow-orange and stand up proudly. The whites are “stiffer,” and they have a creamy consistency when cooked. "The Press Democrat"

Pullet eggs are even better. Because of their small size, the ratio of yolk to white is increased, increasing the flavor of your meal. Pullet eggs are prized by chefs because of their creamy texture and better taste when cooked, because they make superior pastries and cakes and because they are firm and hold together well, making it easier to cook the perfect over-easy egg or omelet." The Press Democrat

Identical Nutritional Content to Large Eggs But Concentrated:

"Research shows that ounce for ounce, the nutritional content of the yolks and the whites of pullet eggs is identical to that of large eggs. The pullet egg yolks are generally that same size as ones found in large eggs, but there is typically less white, which in the end, makes them richer." - Press Herald